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May 2008
11:27 AM CST

Well nothing much to say. Nothing has changed since my last entry. Same ole same ole. I'm still just working and yeah, lol. Umm, let me see....yeah, today is Memorial day and I worked. We closed four hours early so yeah, that was sort of cool. I worked bout six hours and we are getting that doubled so I got 12, how cool is that :D LOL. I really wanted to go to the water park though but that didn't happen :( Ugh, and right now I'm so like broke. I don't even know how, it's crazy. This the first time I've been this broke since like before Krogers, haha. It's crazy!!! I have like a total of $10 on me. It's crazy but if everyone I lent money to was to pay me back I would get back $417. I'm not gonna let people borrow large sums of money other than family. One lady I et borrow $200 and only got back $20 so far and some other guy I let borrow $160. I can't do it anymore, period. I just can't. It isn't fair for me to have to struggle, I mean, granted I know they're probably struggling too or they wouldn't have to ask but still, I need to make sure I'm OK before helping anyone else out. Ok, well that's all I'm gonna write for right now, got home like two hours ago and I'm tired. I'll probably watch a movie or two and then I'm done. Ugh, and I have to go in at 6:30AM tomorrow...grr. Hate morning's!
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