Jul 2008
8:07 PM EST


�������������� I felt so desperate and so cold inside. I was so sad and felt alone. But there were words she said to me and I remember. Those words that made me feel so good. Telling me how much she cares and loves. After all this time I must be ashamed. She did not lie. I do believe each word. I wanted but I let it down. Ask myself what I was afraid of. There were reasons for those words but I took them for granted.

��������������There is happiness and it’s so close. Standing next to me, waiting for me to reach out. No more sorrow. I must go for it. Because I know it was real. They were not lies. A word with meanings. That feeling must still be there and I won’t let it slip by like it did over and over again. Stop and hold a hand. And feel it, it is there.

��������������All I want to say right now is that I can try harder. I made promises that I am bound to keep. I have to keep telling myself that there is a chance for me. All the things I want to be. Put the right mind to it and work it out when I am not in the mood. Because the truth is “I can’t live without”.

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