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Mar 2009
4:01 PM GMT

why do kids have to be so wraped up in there own life that they fail to see that there is more important things in life .but i suppose we were all the same at that age couldnt wait to get out with our mates but the problem is i never see my son for more than ten mins at time he's allways out with his girlfriend and nothing can stop him going if only he would stay at home long enough to eat a meal with me instead of when he comes in later .the only day he stays in for dinner is sunday .i miss not having him around to chat to but if i say stay in for one night then i'm the evil mother who just trying to stop him having a life .he may one day reallise what i mean girlfriends come and go but you only get one´┐Ż mother

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    About Me: hi i'm 35 have a partner of 9 years and a son 13 we have 1 cat cassie 1 dog tessa these are her pups at 5 weeks old

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