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Jan 2009
8:21 PM GMT

why is it when women bring up kids alone there just another single parent family´┐Ż but when a man brings up his kids alone their a super hero .this is just one thing that has got on my wick this week well that and the stupid amounts of money they pay dim wits to kick a football round a pitch for 90 mins .you dont see surgeons who save lives every day of the week getting that sort of pay so why do these so called football players get so much money for so little input .the country is on the verge of collapse then these players are all over the place wasting money on crap and tat and cant even control there self when out on the drink every week there is another one in the paper who has hit kicked or worse whhile out on the town .discrace that is what it is i say put them all on no win no fee and cut the wage to min wage like the rest of us poor sods .

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