ZombiKid's Journal

Apr 2007
11:15 PM EDT


Im Inlove.

[[With Corey]]

and. im scared as heck.

Ive never been like this before. all smily and gidddy.
i used to be mean and heartless.
now im caring and stuff..

i couldnt even hit Rowen [a schoolfriend] today
without making noises or saying "Sorrrrrrrrry" after.

I LoveHim So Much.

..and he loves me..

Pitty he's grounded cause he didnt tell his mum i was
comming over all day.. while he was home alone..
and she was at work..

Oh well.

it was Worth it.

....maybe ;D

xx. Samm.

Ps:;; We've been together for 3 days. HOW SHIT.
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