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Jan 2008
4:54 PM EDT

I am soooo Nervous!

ok, so there's this guy i've liked for about four or five years. and i can hardly speak when i try to talk to him! and when i'm around him i always try to act out or make him notice me. he talks to me and he's REALLY nice. but i just get so nervous!!! i just want to act cool and calm. but i am just so scared he'll laugh in my face. oh, and he's like, 3 years olderer than me, but i read that it doesn't matter if he's under 4 years older than you.

has anyone else gone through this type of thing? if you have could u plz give me advice. it would REALLY help! thnx so much!

Tags: boys, crushes, love
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Current Tags: boys, crushes, love

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