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Nov 2006
5:58 AM EDT

Dear boy, One day your gonna want that girl. that girl that knew she wasnt perfect, but tried to be perfect for you, that girl that believed the scraps of you she was given, were worth it, because something was better than nothing. that girl who wanted nothing more than to be there for you, and love you the only way she knows how. that girl who sees your flaws but values them as much as your strengths. that girl who still cant bring herself to hate you, even though sometimes you probably deserve it. that girl who saw past your pretty face and treasured parts of you that no one else had ever appreciated. that girl who realizes she may never have your heart, but will carry the image of you in hers forever. that girl that sees this and still loves you. that girl that should have you, but dosent. even tho she deserves it. Sincerely, Her Heart. So alone Deep inside myself I'm crying I'm screaming and no one can hear But who would listen if they could anyway? Sometimes I feel I'm breaking Sometimes I'm not sure I'm whole Sometimes I realise I'm cold But who's gonna warm me now I'm too broken to be fixed So take a deep breath Catch your breath before it slips away Hold onto it, treasure it People will take it from you if they can The worlds cruel It'll destroy you if you fall So you're walking with your head down What is it your thinking? That if you get far away enough You'll leave everything else behind But it follows you A haunting shadow You can't leave the past Not if you're scared of the future Are you scared? To be alone? To feel? To hurt? Aren't we all dying a little inside? The rain starts falling Now know one can see you cry Not that they looked before It's starting to hurt inside The broken pieces scar your skin So drown in all your sorrow Let it wash the pain away There is no other escape You're alone You're hurt And no one will save you this time... But... who would want too anyway?
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    About Me: Hey My names is Savana and I'm a ninth grader at palmer high school in Co. Springs Colorado. I play on the volley ball team and i'm trying out for soccer at the end of the year. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND JUSTIN!!! <3 I love all my friends too. my best friend in the whole world is Codie . Shes awesome. I've known her all my life (literally) she finally has a boyfriend that cares for her which makes me really happy. They're so cute together too :D well, i'm a very sweet loving person in case you can't tell. I don't like to hurt anyone. Sure i have a few enimies but the one i just made got mad at codie cuz they weren't on her top friends on myspace. Speaking of myspace. i have one... thr url is: but if i don't know you in person i won't add you sorry. a rule with my parents :D

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