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Sep 2006
9:13 AM EDT

ok. Like a week ago i thought the world was coming to an end (hypathetical) Ok. Well, my friend Megan has been crushing on the guy named connor for ever, My best friend Codie has alwaays wanted a boyfriend, and Zauri is totally "hooked" on lee. and then my friend Zack has a gf...he won't talk to me at all. Well, Megan started going out with Connor. Codie got a really cute, football Playa, drum playing bf, Zuri and ANDRE like eachother. (not lee) and then Zack and Jo break up. I couldn't belive it. it was like the unspeakable happened, but in a good way. It took me like a week to bring it allin to my system. But when its finally in my mind everythinng turned around. Connor said something to make Megan think that but they were never rewally going out. Codie wants to break up with Ryan, Zuri hate Andre and Zack gets back togetherr with Jo. :'( its was really weird.
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    About Me: Hey My names is Savana and I'm a ninth grader at palmer high school in Co. Springs Colorado. I play on the volley ball team and i'm trying out for soccer at the end of the year. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND JUSTIN!!! <3 I love all my friends too. my best friend in the whole world is Codie . Shes awesome. I've known her all my life (literally) she finally has a boyfriend that cares for her which makes me really happy. They're so cute together too :D well, i'm a very sweet loving person in case you can't tell. I don't like to hurt anyone. Sure i have a few enimies but the one i just made got mad at codie cuz they weren't on her top friends on myspace. Speaking of myspace. i have one... thr url is: but if i don't know you in person i won't add you sorry. a rule with my parents :D

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