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Sep 2006
9:08 AM EDT

Well, i'm in Computers again. i figured out that i'm not gunna talk to the teacher at all. I have lunch after this too D: hee hee. And I actually saw my boyfriend this morning. :D I really wanted to see my bf's football game this friday but i can't :'( because i have volleyball at 315 adn the game starts at 3:00 :'( O tptald him this morning. I have no clue w;re i;m going for lunch. Ryan is taking us some where :D hee hee He's my best guy friend aka Codie's Boyfriend. He's really sweet. OMG. i hate this class. I finished the assignment within 10 minutes. We're over with excel so now we're working with Microsoft word. I'm actually really really cold. Me being stupid wore a tank top. and capris. :'( and the heater is off. :'( Sorry this is like really really random. OOH!! ok. well, theres this girl on the volleyball team that i hate!! The whole season i've been trying to hit her and yesterday i finally did. I served the ball to her really hard like 10 times. :D I also had youth group last night which was pretty cool too :D and i also have it tonight :D yaya! well, i g2g. but knowing me i'll prolly just save this blog and start typing a new one.
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    About Me: Hey My names is Savana and I'm a ninth grader at palmer high school in Co. Springs Colorado. I play on the volley ball team and i'm trying out for soccer at the end of the year. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND JUSTIN!!! <3 I love all my friends too. my best friend in the whole world is Codie . Shes awesome. I've known her all my life (literally) she finally has a boyfriend that cares for her which makes me really happy. They're so cute together too :D well, i'm a very sweet loving person in case you can't tell. I don't like to hurt anyone. Sure i have a few enimies but the one i just made got mad at codie cuz they weren't on her top friends on myspace. Speaking of myspace. i have one... thr url is: but if i don't know you in person i won't add you sorry. a rule with my parents :D

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