Anonymously Lost

Apr 2008
4:37 PM CST

Some Poetry...

I'm going to start writing poetry again. I used to for�a long time. I'm hoping it will be as therapeutic as it used to be. Well here is one that� I wrote a few days ago. It doesn't really have a name.

No, Everything is not okay

Everytime night turns to day

I pray

"God let me die today."

I can't change the way I feel

People are trying with just a little pill

It all just makes me want to blurt

"God, stop making me hurt."

I know I have Jesus in my heart

Which means we'll never part

But I just don't feel him with me

Maybe they lied and he really left me.

God, if you left me, hear my cry

Please come back before I try

To take something that isn't mine

To take my life one last time.

I need some feedback, Please.� That is, if you want to. I can be short or long. You can tell me it sucks if you want to. Just give me something to work with.

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    About Me: I'm 18 years old. My profile thing says 19, but I can't figure out how to change it. I'm completely anonymous because I don't want anyone to have any thoughts that I just want attention or someone to feel sorry for me. That's not it. I just need someone to listen and even if no one reads what I've written, I still feel like I've told someone.