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Jun 2009
12:50 AM PDT

Father's Day 09 and other stuff

I was surprised when Dad said yes to my invitation. As I think about that right now, it shouldn't have - of course he'd say yes!

I planned the menu with the knowledge that he'd most likely find something wrong with it, I tried. He didn't eat much, didn't finish what was on his plate and refused the watermelon saying, "I hate watermelon".

We enjoyed each other's company though and Lisa told me that he'd said that he liked my dinner - oh! �I'll keep that in mind for next time.

I gave Barry a framed pic of the three grandkids which he loved.�Sean gave him an iTune card that he wanted, Dan gave him a couple bars of his favorite soap which he hoped for. It was a good day, we spent most of it working around the house for the girls' visit but we think getting things done around here is very satisfiying so at the end of the day Barry was happy.

�new subject -

We've set the appt. for Sean's senior pix - I totally can't believe it! He's�growing up all of the sudden. The other day his ortho Dr. sent "before & after" pix - what a trip that was, the before shot was taken 2yrs ago and of course the after is now, amazing difference in his maturity (oh and his teeth!) he really turned more manly - less boyish.

We went ahead and sold his car to Larry the mechanic. He offered us what we'd paid for it so couldn't pass up that opp. to get the oil leaker off our driveway. The search is on for another, better, more reliable, doesn't leak anything car for Sean.

Summer vacation is going well, mostly because he's working this year. Earning money and busy!! Perfect combo.

time to started on this day...

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