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May 2009
12:48 AM PDT


Sheesh! It really can get to me, I don't think I am alone on that. Family can drive you nuts and I suspect it's happening somewhere, right now,�as I'm writing this. Someone is flipping out because of someone in their family.

Ok, my story is that Rusty has me trippin - again! But this time, I'm done! I won't be wasting anymore of my time, thoughts, energy on him and his drama ever again.

What he's done (or hasn't done in this case) is that for the whole time he's been in my FB network of 'friends' he frustrates me�by ignoring my communications with him. Or when he responded to one of my notes to him, he writes things that try to prevoke sympathy from me. His "poor me" theme has me completely bored! I refuse to�be affected by it. As I said, "I'm done" being sucked in. His latest, his bankruptcy decision and how much it'll cost him, was what he chose to write to me on FB of all places! It's not that I don't care, I do, it's that FB is not the forum for that kind of news. He could have called me or written an email if he absolutely needed to share that with me. And I say that because the fact that he's in such financial trouble is really none of my business - what can I do about it? Feel bad is all, unless, he had a hope that I might attempt to bail him out. Which is what I suspected, my first thought was that I was being manipulated with pity, which is his MO now (the last couple yrs actually).

It's not only me that he ignors, I see that he treats pretty much everyone that way - ie: he gets a birthday wish from Mandy and never acknowledges it - never! Why are you on FB anyway? Peeping Tom perhaps?? You want to watch people's lives without being obligated in anyway? Hey, it's not like we needed much from you!

I think the 'straw' was really the fact that he ignored our stepmother's death. It remains that he hasn't communicated with our father on that subject. It's stupid for me to defend him, I can't anymore. Though I won't let anyone diss him either.

So, the other night I told him (email) that I didn't want him sharing my FB any longer if he couldn't particapate or�contribute. Again, he pulls the pity card on me with his, "you need not be so stern" to�which I responded simply this, "aw".�


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