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Mar 2009
12:35 AM PDT

Time Goes On

Over the weekend we celebrated little Lily's 1st birthday at Ryan's house. It was a very laid back, comfortable, easy & fun�event. I want to�compare it�to Sophie's 1st bday just for the moment to make the point of how time can change everything. Boy oh boy, in a major way too! R & K put so much (too much!) thought and effort into their first daughter's 1st bday and what did they get for that? Well, that's all history now and better off leaving it there. I'm just really glad that they seem to have learned some things since then - namely that a child's first bday� party doesn't have to be something that you need to go overboard on and get all wound up about.

I talked to Dad the other day, we're going to get together for lunch this week (Wed.), I'm glad he was open to that, hope it's good.

I'm totally shinin Evelyn since the last time she called me. I knew she was trying to manipulate me into doing something for her by bribing me. I don't like her style at all, on the one hand she comes off as a very honest person but then she pulls this kind of thing and makes me want to run.

Bear put up a new bird feeder for me over the weekend, we think this one will be rat-proof, at least we hope so.

We got the plane tix for Mandy & Scarlet's visit in June, can't wait!

Helped Sean with his "Timeline" report, gadz! I hate this thing! I can't let him know it because he's even said as much. But what I think about these type of school projects is, "it's none of their GD business"!!!!! I mean really, timelines for history - fine, our family timeline - noway! Still gotta put some crap in there and we found some (mostly Bear's fam history) and it's due on Thurs., good get it over with!

gotta run

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