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Mar 2009
1:36 AM PDT

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I guess it's possible to worry about more things, I thought I'd reached 'critical mass' on worries but nope, there's room for more!

California has opened that 'can of worms' again. I'm referring to the marriage equality issue. It gets my blood going when I listen to the bigots. I can't understand why it's so important to them to keep people from being married.�I saw this lady on the news yesterday, she'd gone to city hall to protest (she's a yes for the ban) and when asked why she chose to say that it's for her kids to know the truth, that marriage is only for a man and a woman, not...yada-yada-yada. Heard that before, shut up!!

My thought is this: What is that woman going to think/say/do if one of her presious kids wants to marry a same sex person?

I don't think she's considering that. I've talked with people that want the ban and aren't able to answer that question for me. I guess they must be just crossing their fingers against that happening.

I believe that a popular vote, and a�narrow lead at that, shouldn't decide to take away any of our rights. This has been proven in history to be wrong, interracial marriage for instance. The majority voted against that too! Our culture naturally evolves and over time we change.

The arguement that it's about the word 'marriage' and�that same sex couples shouldn't be able to have that word�because it's somehow sacred. That is total BS, the only sacred marriage is the one you get in a church! Everyone else is just plain legally�married!

I am so irratated by this whole thing, it dominates my thoughts when I let it. I have done what I can to help open the hearts and minds of people around me. I've donated to the larger cause so now I just wait.

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