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Jan 2009
12:49 AM PDT


I'm so tired this morning. And I imagine Sean is too. He didn't know he was going to be kept�up when he turned in at around 11:30�last night.�

Radar wouldn't be quiet, he was begging from his spot in the kitchen and the noise was just enough to keep Sean awake.�After trying what he knows to�make the dog quit he comes to me. I was asleep for a short while by that time so I don't really know what to think and figure the dog just wants to relieve himself outside - so I put him�out and wait. He just stands there for what seemed like forever. I urged him to go and he usually does what I say but he just stood there and then layed down! Whatha?! It's freezing�out there, "come!" Nope, he wasn't gonna do that either, I had to put the leash on him and tug it to make him get back in the house.�

This is so wierd for him not to obey, I know he's sick and that could be resulting in�wierd behaviors but usually he obeys if he can. And he could have because once the leash�was on him he got right up and walked into the house. I told him to "down" on his pillow, "stay". I went back to bed but�within the next half hour Sean was back to�tell me he was at it again.

My only idea was to toss his pillow out on the deck and let him be out there all night. Of course I kept one�ear on the back yard, I�kept waking up wondering if he was making any noise out there.�He's never slept all night outdoors, and it seems like it wouldn't be comfortable at all - it's in the *30's out there!

I checked on him when I got up�at 5:30�he was awake, he looked at me but wasn't interested in coming in. WIERD!! What do I do?�He's sick, his heart is not beating right according to the vet, what would he say if I told him the dog wants to sleep outside? I feel stupid to call about this but I don't want another night like last night.�

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