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Jan 2009
1:24 AM PDT

Radar 6/20/98

He's suddenly not himself. We took him to see the vet on Tuesday after he fell the second time. When he went down the first time we heard it but no one was in the room to see what happened. We just heard a loud noise and when we got there he was laying on the floor instead of his pillow, all stretched out on his side. We knew the noise was him hitting the floor. That was Monday night, then Tuesday morning again -�this time I made him stand up and he really had trouble getting on his feet. His legs seemed very wobbley like he could go down at any point.

The whole day before seeing the vet he was only interested�in�laying on his pillow, he�even ignored his food!� When the man came to work on my PC�he usually�barks alot - nope, he ignored that too. We had to lift him into the truck - no way could he jump up there like he used to.�He usually is very excited whenever he's in the truck but he just layed down - wierd!

At this point the vet isn't able to pinpoint what the problem is exactly, he was only able to say that from what I told him, the xrays and the bloodwork results he believes there is something seriously wrong.�

I knew that! $500.00 to learn what I already knew! All he could do now is to refer me to�specialist - uh - no. Can't go any further, we can't afford even what we've spent so far.

I'm left with guilt, anxiety and sadness. He's been a good dog, he's our friend and I don't want to see him suffer. At this point all there is to do is wait and see & HOPE.

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