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Jun 2008
1:06 AM PDT

Note to Self

Alright, I've only got a few minutes. Spent too much time reading from the "View Random" selections, interesting what people want to take note of.

Anyway, as for me I've got my busy day ahead. It's Wed. and that means it's my day of beauty - nails and hair today, let's hope it helps!

I managed to pick out a couple of pix of the girls for the autograph board I bought. That was hard cause there aren't too many with them posing together. So, add a trip to Kinkos to my day to have 5x7's made.

Talked to my mother-in-law last night, she called to ask if I needed her to bring anything to the party, that was nice of her. She didn't want to touch my comment of our disappointment in Lori's not coming because of Ryan's b-day. Oh no, Lori is never wrong so let's just not say a word about that.

But you know when I stop to read that, I guess not talking about it is the right thing because what's to be gained from that? More hurt feelings probably, cause one of us is bound to say something that the other didn't like or whatever, it would be just gossip and that's a total deadend.

I can roll with that.

We're going to have big fun and Lori's the one that's missing out.

Note to self = Gossip gets us nowhere. Best to avoid it.

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