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Mar 2008
4:16 PM EEST

Reflecting Back.

Every Teenager Has Worries.

What Am I oing To Wear tommorrow.

Why Doesn`tt Anyone Understand Me.

My Math`ss Homework is due in

Justt Lil Thing`ss.

In My Exprience sooo far i had all thesse plus more. theyy all essulated up into one big problem. It Kinda All Started With These Group Of MAte`ss I Hung Owtt With. The Crowd That Smoked Diid Drug`s Etc.�Eventually I Gave Into Peer Presure. And Was Doing All That. My Life Wasn`tt Too Bad Until�This Boy� Came Into itt. Ohh How I Loved Him. I Was Young Butt VEerytime I saw Him I Thought Of Perfection, And Everytime He Smiled My Way Justt Melted My Heart. Calling Him Mine Made Me The Happiest Person ever! I Wasn`t Perfect Butt He Except all My Flaw`ss Accepted Me FAwr Who I Am He Wads NIce Sincer Butt Of All Thing`ss He Was Mine. I Actuall Thought We Could Lastt Forvever Butt On That Saturday Morning Hey Said Thing`ss Werent Workking Owtt. We Should Just BE Mates. I Don`tt Thinkk Anyone Understood How Hard TThat Was For Me. Mascara Runing Down My Face All Day. Every Lil Thing Reminded Me Of Him. I Really Wanted Too Gett Over Himm I Was Silly And Diid Itt In The Stupidest Way Ever. Giving Head Too A Guy I Had Known For About 3 or 4 Week`s. Goshh That Justt Give Me A Reputatiion As A Slutt!!! On That Sunday Night I Gott A Txt- From My Ex Saying

Him'Hey. How`ve You Been?'

Me'Not Soo Good Butt Trynah Gett Better'

Him' Neither. I Can`t Believe I Lett The Bestt Girl In My Life go'

Me' I`m Nott Gonna Lie. Yes Losing You Was The Hardest Thing For Me. And I Still Don'tt understand Why?'

Him' I Never Should Of. I Miss You Like Crazy. I`ld Do Anything too Gett You Back. Hurting You Hurt Me More Then Anything. I Love Youu. Can You Give Us Another Shot. . . PLEASE'

That Was It. I Was Sooo Confused. I Still Loved Him But Wasn`tt Sure If It Was The Right Thing. What If I Got Hurt Again. I Couldnt Bare going Thru That Again. Butt Without Him There Was Really Nothing Good In Life. I Told Him I Would If He Promised Neever To Hurt ME Again. He Said He Couldn`t Do That. At The Time I Believed Him. Butt Lil Did I Know How Bad Hee Could Play With My Heart. ANd How Bad He Could Hurtt ME Again. . .

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