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Aug 2007
2:31 PM EDT

I am very sad today!! See almost a week ago {the week mark will be tom.} that I got up the nerve to call the guy that asked to meet me and we still havent meet. I understand that he is very shy but if he really wants me the way I hear he does then why does he act the way that he has been?? Why is he not calling me back is it because he is shy or is it because he doesnt want to really do this with me...the whole relationship thing?? I mean with him for the first time in like two years I was actually ready for a real realationship and now its just like before...the reasons why I never had realtionships for that long time....2 years....and its just like will I never actually be happy??Will anyone really ever love me or not...Am I like destined to be alone forever??Please help!!!!!
1 comment(s) - 08:58 AM - 04/19/2008
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    About Me: I keep to myself more than I should. That is why I chose to come here and get a journal thinking maybe someone could reach out and give me the advice I need.

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