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Dec 2006
11:59 AM EDT

I attended the "7 Habits for Highly Effective People" training last week and found it very inspirational and motivating. All the habits discussed during the training were easy and most of them are common sense, but when we have our heads down and bury ourselves with numerous minor things that all seem urgent at the time, we forget to prioritize and put "the big rocks" in our lives first. The truth is, many important things in life don't seem urgent, therefore, we tend to push them to the back of our mind and spend most of our lives dealing with the less important but "very urgent" matters. Not until the important things leave us, we wouldn't realize what we've been missing or neglecting. To overcome the ADD habits I've developed since I started working, I got myself a personal planner for next year, and started putting important dates/goals in it. It is a tough time of the year for me with projects wrapping up, holiday shopping list growing longer, NYE party planning, furniture shopping and apartment cleaning yet to be done. On top of that, we started to discuss the Europe trip in the spring and have to finalize it soon before everything gets more expensive. It's just so easy to get into the old habit of putting out fire wherever it is, and end up running around all day without accomplishing much. Good thing is that I am more aware of the time that I am not being productive, and am consciously making the effort to get back on track everyday now. Hopefully it will help me to stay productive longer and not be as easily distracted. Can't wait for the new year to come~~~ =)
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