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Sep 2006
11:32 AM EDT

The week is finally over! It's been a slow and painful week. Not because of the work (or lack of work), but because of everything outside of work. My uncle's situation took a turn for the worse (a lot worse) all of the sudden, so my mom took the flight back to Taiwan the next day. Now it's just the matter of when...=/ Even though death is something that everyone will eventually face, it never gets easier no matter how many times you've seen it. It does make one wonder though, what is the point? What is the point to study hard, work hard, raise children, get old and sick, then pass away, so your children can do the same thing all over again, and in the process wasting natural resources and killing more animals (and maybe even others)? Being a highly respectful doctor in the biggest hospital in Taiwan, my uncle has done extraordinary job every step of his life. He worked so hard for so long that he didn't even realize how sick he was till it was too late. I wonder what he is thinking now under the mask of life support, is he thinking back on all the things he's done in his life, regretting the time he didn't get to spend with the family, worrying about the huge medical bills he has incurred, or wondering where he might go after this life? Or is he like me, puzzling by the purpose of every single one of us having to go through this life on this earth? Some say we are to set good examples for others throughout our lives, so the people come after us can follow our lead and become better persons than ourselves. Some say our goal is to create. Create things and ideas that didn't exist before our time, create theories and equipment so we can better understand ourselves and the world we life in. Some say we are here to explore our potentials and exceed the old selves throughout our lifetime. However, to me, all these don't answer the question, the question of why we exist. All these reasons are merely means to seek the answer to the question. The very question that haunts every one of us at different points of our lives. I don't know if there's one simple answer to this question, or it will be different for everyone. But for now I just wish for happiness, especially the happiness of my grandmother, who's suffering terribly right now because of this incident. I hope God will watch over her and comfort her the way that we are unable to.
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