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Sep 2006
7:30 AM EDT

I haven't been very motivated this week. Probably due to the lack of client work for the group recently, and the fact that there's no longer a bus stop right in front of my apartment that takes me directly to the subway station. Have been working from home 2 days this week.. =p I was pretty productive on Monday and actually made 2 full meals though!! First time in a year I think, since I started traveling to Minneapolis last summer. =) The dropping of oil price and rally in the stock market have not been helping our business, so people have been "borrowed" by other groups to keep chargeable. As of last week, my options are Michigan, Atlanta, and some other unknown city in midwest. Pretty exciting isn't it? I am still in the state of hating travel since the last engagement, so hopefully I don't get to be shipped out again too soon...
1 comment(s) - 06:40 PM - 09/26/2006
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