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Sep 2006
10:19 AM EDT

TGIF!! Even though it's surprisingly the busiest day for me this week. Well consider Monday was a holiday and yesterday was a working-from-home day.. =p Finished the pitchbook requested this morning, though I doubt anyone in their right mind would want to read a 90-page long pitchbook, no matter how many pictures and graphs there are...oh well... Had the discussion with this group about potential projects in Atlanta or CA. The projects sound pretty interesting and challenging, the problem is that I really don't feel like being out of town EVERY WEEK for the next 9 months again. Especially when I just moved to the new apartment and haven't even finished furniture shopping yet!! =O The dinner went well. Well pretty good up to when I brought up that I am not looking and just want to be alone for a while. He was really sweet about it and just said to keep in mind that he's interested, but I think he was disappointed regardless. I feel bad because I think he's looking for a serious relationship to settle down, too bad I am not at that point now, especially with a Caucasian man. =/
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