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Sep 2006
10:21 AM EDT

It's my first entry on this site, I am a bit excited I guess. I just started my blog on myspace yesterday also...took a while. I can never understand how people can write such long blogs on their sites everyday, even my manager who i know for sure works over 12 hours a day...=O I guess this will be my small step to the "big goal". Who knows, maybe I will eventually be as "good" as those people with this daily "exercise".. ^_~ Meeting up with a new friend for dinner tonight. I would've never even agreed to it if it were few months ago, but since I fought so hard for the freedom to be single again, I figured I should open my mind to broaden my life (and dating) experience. Though I don't think I am attracted to him in that way, he's got a great sense of humor. I hope it's going to be a nice dinner.
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