I Want What They Have

Apr 2008
9:32 PM CST


i don't understand, they say never leave the one you love for the one you like but what if the one you love is leaving you for the one they like and you can't do nothing about it but cry. u know he's not coming back but u still wanna think that cause u love him u dnt kno y u love him all u kno is u love him no matta what but he dnt kno dat cause u were 2 afraid in da beginnig 2 admit how u really felt about him and now u think this culd b the end of wat ya'll had and u wanna let him kno how u felt all along but ur still afraid cuz ur thinking "either way it goes i still want have him like i thought i did" but u love him and u wanna b wit him u jus dnt want everybody 2 c dat u still want him cuz now ur afraid of wat dey mite say n u dnt have him der 2 tell u dnt worry about wat dey tawkn about u still mine. so where do u go 4rm here u wrote him a letter expression how u felt and feel but u dnt kno how 2 give him da letter without showing emotions and ur still havin 2nd thoughts about it "if i give him diz letter he still gne wanna b with her so im jus wastn mi time" dats all dats goin through ur mind everytime u think about him or da letter
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