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    vampiricakatt  27, Female, Minnesota, USA - 102 entries
Jan 2010
8:03 AM EDT

okay my life sucks I'm so scared to go to school because some boy keeps saying that he's going to beat me up. I promised Richie that I wouldn't get into fights at school And my friend decried to be a bitch I'm so stupid to think me and her would actually be friends with me I can't believe that I fell for it I'm so stupid. :(:/

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    jgonyea  38, Female, Georgia, USA - 6 entries
Sep 2007
7:49 AM EDT

Today something happened that I am not sure I can get passed. He actually was yelling at me so loud outside in the parking lot, I got scared. He was screaming at me what the fuck is my problem, and asking me if there was something wrong with me. He got right in my face, and was spitting on me because he was screaming so uncontrollably loud. Then he lunged at me, not putting his hands on me or anything, but I got really scared. Then I walked away and he went to the gym. My hands are still shaking, and my heart is racing, but what do I do. I am 8 hours away from my closest family member, and I have not one friend up here. I do not want to call any of my friends or family to talk to them about this because I do not want them to look down on me, or if him and I do work this out, I don't want them to hold it against him. I never thought he would be able to hurt me, but after that I just don't know. He looked so scary, I did not even recognize him. To make things worse, I have not been able to find a job, and currently have no income. Even if I wanted to leave right now, I couldn't.....I am ok right now, but what do I do when he comes back? How is he gonna be? How did I get myself into this one...
Tags: scared
1 comment(s) - 11:31 AM - 09/09/2007
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Current Tags: scared

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