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    wreinus  68, Male, Pennsylvania, USA - 58 entries
Sep 2008
10:09 AM EDT


Humans don't understand angels.� No idea.� They really seem to think that we have wings and float around in heaven.��Oh sure, we can have wings if we want, but honestly they get in the way.�Besides, they tend to scare people.� I mean what would you do if you somebody suddenly spread these huge white wings?� I guess it would be better than spreading huge black wings and breathing fire.�� Still, it's daunting.� I don't recommend that you try it - if you're an angel that is.�

All the people who've seen my wings have been pretty darn scared.� That's no way to strike up a conversation.�� I'd rather get to know folks before they find out my secrets.� So most the time, I don't have wings.� I don't exactly keep them at home.� You couldn't go into my closet, for example, and check to see if I was wearing them that day.� But I can have them any time I want.� They're just not that useful.�

We don't spend too much time in heaven either.� Why do people think we do?� First, it's boring up there.� I mean a cloud is a cloud is a cloud.� Sure it's peaceful, but I like a little excitement now and again.� Can you imagine just hanging around doing nothing for an eternity?� Oh my God - excuse me Boss, but what's the good in being if you're not doing?� Actually, the Boss doesn't want us hanging around.� You know, idle hands are the devil's workship.� At least that's what they say.� Besides, there's far too much to do - mission after mission.��I'm not too partial to harp music anyway.� That's a little angel joke.�

So what's the point of being an angel?� Well, what's the point of being human?� Don't people spend their lives wondering why they were born?� Isn't that the big question?� What's the meaning of life and all that stuff?� Actually, for us angels, it's quite a bit different.� We always have a job to do.� I guess that you might say that our point is to do His will.�� Before you go all religious on me with the doing His will stuff,�just stop.� I told you that you humans don't understand angels.� This has nothing to do with religion.� We do His will because it's how we earn�our livings.� To us, it's just a job.

In case you're wondering, I think that the capital letters at the beginning of His name are a bit annoying, but I suppose that He's earned it , being omniscient and all.� Besides, He insists upon it.

So back to angels. . . I suppose you think that we run around doing good deeds.� Most humans do.� It's a bit more complicated though.� I mean, if you think human life is complicated, you should try universal life.� It's like the difference between living in 3 dimensions and 24.� So while we may be helping on one front it's quite possible that it may cause problems elsewhere.� It's like trying to keep a 24 dimensional balloon in a 3 dimensional bag.� Very tough.�

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    distracted  49, Female, California, USA - 5 entries
Nov 2007
9:56 PM PDT

for what its worth

for what its worth...
for what its worth, im here..never a stray, come clean dont fear
for what its worth, im never far, stay put my dear its not too hard
for what its worth , the actions made, dont ever forget the bonds you've made
for what its worth, everythings in sight, never a lie but a promise to fight..
for what its worth, there are are angels that cry, not for me dear but for your life..

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