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May 2008
7:13 PM EDT


about 2 hours ago my dog was hit by a car, and i feel as if it was all my fault for not paying more attention.. Samson(my chiuahua) is now dead because i wasnt responsible enough to keep him out of the street, as he followed a man who was running.. my boyfriend michael was coming around the corner walking back from work and he got samson to stop and turn and go tword the house.. just then an suv turned the corner and samson was still running, the next thing i knew samson was lying dead in the street.. there was no yelp of pain.. he just lay there lifeless in front of me, blood coming from his fragile little body.. i could have prevented it.. My brother and michael got a shovel and got him out of the road and burried him in the back yard.. my mom went and took hot water to the sterrt to wash away the blood.. all this happened in front of me as i cryed in hysterics as to what had just happend.. that is all i can type right now!~

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