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Sep 2020
5:52 AM BST

5 ways to tune up your SEO strategy

Google and other search engines are frequently reviewing, updating, and changing the way they rank web content and distribute it on the web. If you don't stay educated on the changing world of SEO, you may find your online marketing efforts become fruitless.
Stay current on what's going on with SEO, review your current strategy, and consider these 5 ways you can tune up your SEO tactics to make sure you're being seen on the web.
1. Sign up for Google authorship

Google authorship gives you credit for your content and identifies you as an actual human being, per se. The association made between author and content will result in your blog or website being considered more valuable by Google and increase your rankings, visibility, and influence.
Research has shown that search results with a photo and byline have higher click rates than those without, even if they aren't on the top of the search results. Sign up for Google authorship to improve your click rate by 150%, according to a study done by research marketing firm Catalyst.
2. Get into the minds of the visitors

SEO is all about best meeting the needs of those browsing the web. You want to come up at the top of their search when they look for something you offer. To this end, you must put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine all of the terms and phrases they would enter in their search.
You can also work backwards by using analytics. This way, you can find out which sections of your website are getting more traffic than others, and then connect the main keywords in those sections with other areas of your website.
3. Make your content share-friendly and share-worthy

Getting to the top of the search rankings can be done not only by using logical keywords. Content that is heavily shared will skyrocket in Google ratings. But in order to accomplish this, your content writing service must be credible.
Truly the most important factor for increasing traffic to your site is by having out of this world content. But you need to also make sure that you're amazing content can easily be shared.
To do this, you can create highly visible share buttons that scroll with the page so that at any point the reader decides the content is share-worthy they will immediately see the link and click to share.

4. Strategize your keyword utilization

Even if you've thoroughly researched and identified effective keywords, you must use them strategically throughout your website. Great content can easily be ruined by the unnatural placement of keywords. Make your keywords conversational to avoid coming off as just a blatant sales pitch.
A good rule of thumb is make keywords 5-7% of your content. You should also include keywords in your title, URL, image file names, and in the meta description.
5. Mobile-friendly web design

If you're online content isn't mobile-friendly yet, this should be your first priority.
Research conducted by Business Insider Intelligence found that 1 in every 5 people in the world own a smartphone. If these people can't access your website because you haven't made it compatible with mobile devices, they will move on to your competition's webpages. Your reach can be increased dramatically if your content can be viewed from smartphones or tablets.
Tuning up your SEO expert strategy is essential to keep your business competitive in the world of online commerce. Review your tactics today and make any upgrades you can to increase your reach and influence on the web.
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Oct 2020
5:52 AM BST

Professional link building strategies vs quality content

Link building is probably the most common method of increasing website�€™s traffic and its position in search engines. For many SEO amateurs,� link building simply means: posting recommendations of a website individually on various forums, as well as exchanging links with blogging friends.
However, link exchange and posts on various forums are not enough to get your website to the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo search results. Therefore, the most effective link building strategy with sustainable benefits must be done on a large scale.
Professional link building strategy�€�
Many SEO consultants in Manchester may assume that link building is quite easy: all the easier when we consider all dodgy ways of automatic softwares for positioning and link building. Nevertheless last Google update has blown the whistle on validity of such ploys. Whereas before the update many webmasters made a great effort on creating as many links as possible, now such attempts of increasing traffic on your website are vain though.
Currently it is necessary to build links only on websites with a high quality and relevant copy, so that it could be read and understood by web surfers. What is also important is to avoid �€œfarms of links�€ and directories, as Google simple does not like them!
Creating websites for robots, rather than people, works only in the short run, as such sites are filtered or even banned by Google!
Relevant copy�€�
It makes no doubt that it is far better to spend some time on writing high quality texts to be published on few linking websites than to produce masses of links within automatic content. Also make sure that your texts are not overloaded with links, and that the links themselves refer to various keywords and also their synonyms �€“ the more varied, the better. Avoid linking only to exact match anchor as this is the first sign of link building, which in fact Google does NOT like.
Content is king�€�
Needless to say, if your content is really attractive, other web users may simply link to it on their own websites �€“ just to share with others of what they like and recommend. The longer your website exists, the more web users may recognize it and contribute their own effort to your website link building. That is a nice gift indeed, because the most efficient link building strategy nowadays are not links that point to your website but relevant and high quality content.
Basic rules for establishing a long-term link building strategy:
  • high quality links from �€œgood�€ websites
  • avoid EMA (exact match anchors)
  • high quality copy (content is king)
  • use Social Media such Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • avoid �€œfarms of links�€ and directories
  • link only form relevant websites
  • natural text for humans rather than robots
  • optimize your site (SEO-on page)
  • Responsive web design Leigh
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Oct 2020
5:51 AM BST

Hard times for low quality websites ? Thin Content update

A couple of months ago Google updated their algorithms to effectively cope with owners of sites of poor quality. The interesting thing is that Google actually updated: Google Panda, Pirate Update and Thin Content at almost the same time to help accurately identify low content.�
low content penalised websiteThereby, Google confirm their fight against spam, and it also means, that (at least in theory) high quality websites (regardless of their size) are promised to be ranked higher.
These updates are also good news for those who were previously hit by Panda but managed to “fix” their on-site content. Therefore, if you noticed an increase in traffic, then it’s probably because your website is now more “SEO-friendly” with better content.
I noticed that, there are many website audits that focus mainly on inbound links, without paying much attention to the “thin content” issues, which is definitely a huge mistake. I understand that technical issues such (Sitemaps, robot.txt, ALT tags) are important, but bear in mind that poor (or duplicated) content may cause rank drops and this is the main issue we should start fixing our sites from.
Beside improving content, it’s worth keeping an eye on Google Webmaster Tool to make sure our website is up to date with all technical aspects, such:
  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Missing Meta Tags
  • Duplicate Tags
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot.txt
  • Sitemap errors
  • No ALT/names for images
But, even perfectly designed website with all technical stuff will not help if your content is of low quality for a Blackpool SEO consultant
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