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Apr 2007
7:46 AM CST

hey well im in not a good mood...wait that wasnt put ne way i need a ciggarette and that might have something to do with my attitude...well im at school and it basically sucks but which school doent suck..."nada"....well i am so bored and well just writing to do something besides looking like a no problems today except one particular person....but really dont want to talk about that person right now...well i guess all for now and ttyl!......

1 comment(s) - 11:10 AM - 04/26/2007
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Apr 2007
2:14 AM CST

well i have alot on my mind....spring break was ok but a few of my friends really got on my nerves....i am the type of person that hates to be rushed when i am doing something that seems important to me... but well i got really annoyed and they (my freinds) acted like nothing was really wrong but i know that they could at least tell that i was kinda on the angry side...
Whenever i stay around a certian person for a long period of time i start to really get annoyed with them.. but it isnt always with all of my freinds...just certain ones...that have very big attitudes.. so that which makes me have one right back at them... but well i guess that is all for now... oh and i cant stop thinking about that certain person...i like him so much......
o and well my family really are being jerkes right now... no respect what so ever... they really dont care who they hurt or who they scare for life in the head.... but well i try to be that nice person to be nice to everyone but it never works with them they are still really mean but o well that is all for now ....bye bye!!!!!
1 comment(s) - 11:19 AM - 04/23/2007
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Apr 2007
2:37 AM CST

Well there is so much on my mind right now. i don't know where to even start. there is just too much.. but there is this guy and he is so hot and we are like the same in everything. we like the same stuff and we have the same style... i really ike him and we had this thing before and we like each other but we are afraid that if we go out and were to ever break up, that it might ruin ourrelationship as a freindship...and i really don't want thatto happen...the reason why we think that this would happen is because we have bben knowingeach other for a very long time and wewouldn't want our friendship to be ruined if we were ever to breakup. i just wish that we could try it out and forget about the breaking up part because i don't think that we would ever have to breakup unless something really huge happen that would be a threat to our realationship.....but i really like him.. and love being around him.. well i guess that is all for now and for my first evtry i think that iswas a huge hit lol... well laters ttyl!....bye bye!
1 comment(s) - 01:59 PM - 04/04/2007
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