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Oct 2009
8:22 AM EDT

Why Mommy, why?

Dear Mommy,

I can't find you anywhere,

I love you,

don't you care?

I no longer want to live,

because of what I did.

Why Mommy,


Why am I hurting this way,

you didn't love me,

you left and turned my blue skies gray.

Why Mommy?

Why today?

Dear Mommy,

I love you,

forget it,

you'll never see the pain inside this heart,

behind these eyes,

Something told me,

it all was a lie.

That you never cared,

never wanted nor needed me to be there!

Why Mommy?


I miss you Mommy,

what did i do,

that was no good?

Why am I,

left with words mis-understood,

with lies and broken burdens,

It's my own life I have stolen,

so Why Mommy?

Why today?

Did you ever love me?

Did you ever care?

Did you ever need me,

just to be right there?

Why Mommy,



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