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Sep 2007
1:21 PM EDT

The Sweetheart
This meeting planner is the reason you are an event manager. She is experienced and flexible with a heart of gold. Your suggestions are considered as carefully as her own, and the best course of action is always chosen. Although she may be on a budget, that amount is clearly communicated to you from the beginning. In fact, everything is clearly communicated in advance. Some people may believe this type of meeting planner is imaginary, but I know first hand that they do exist! They are very rare, and almost always work with someone other than you, but when you can find one of these rare creatures be sure to cultivate a relationship. Perhaps when you most need it, she will find you!
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Aug 2007
10:44 AM EDT

Never one to befried through giggles
Over the years, I've changed a little

Kept some close, but most were lost
I am richer for those I've got
Each contributes something uninque
For this band of sisters, I am the link

Each woman should build and nourish her own ring
For the endless strength and support it brings

The size of the circle holds no importance
Just integrity of the bond and unwaivering stance

Exact combination is a challenge of balance
Life takes its toll, we are all victims to chance

Offer time and provide good company
When appropriate, extend sympathy

Develop, maintain, suprise and delight
Combined energy will keep friendships bright
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