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Questions and Answers 3/31/2012

  1. Do I want to go live somewhere else?Yes
  2. Do I want to go live in a mental hospital? No
  3. Do I want to go to jail? If it is what has to be done.
  4. Do I want to go into foster care? Sometimes
  5. Do I still want to be protected by mom and dad, and have their help? Yes, but not with all this
  6. Do I want to go to court and get money for the future from it?No
  7. Do I want dad to drop me off at the library so I can ---- a guy? No, but I do want him to drop me off so I can go on the internet and be a normal teenager.
  8. Do I want grow up? Not anymore! I want to be able to be a teenager with fewer rules.
  9. Do I still want to be a teacher and author anymore? I don’t know, it’s getting harder to decide if I’m still going to do those things.
  10. Will I go online to message a guy again? There is a good chance I will, I have to guys that I really want to message RIGHT now that I can’t because of everything.
  11. Do I want to talk to the detective? No, ---- NO! I rather drop dead right now than have to deal with a snoopy detective for a case that is going to court that I really don’t want to b apart of when it is all about me.
  12. Why do I like mess up this family?I don’t consider myself a true member of this family. So I don’t know why I like messing up them.
  13. Do I want to go and ---- with a guy again? Yes
  14. How long have I had contact with the guy since the situation?The week after I started using Aumi to contact him, but he hasn’t started to contact me personally since Thursday.
  15. Why do I hurt my sisters?� They piss me off and I just have had enough of it. I don’t need them cussing at, making faces at, and getting me in trouble on purpose. I don’t want to be around THEM anymore.
  16. Will I just pull my pants down for anyone?I don’t think so. I think I will only have --- with certain people. I do know it won’t be with any girls that is for sure considering I am a girl.
  17. Do I want help in this situation from mom and dad and let them guide me? N0, I rather left alone in this and not even go to court.
  18. Should mom and dad just give up on me right now and just let me do whatever what I want?No because mom and dad shouldn’t give up on me just yet, but yes they should let me do whatever I want.
  19. Do I want to be able to get a job? I am able to get a job. If the question was,do I want a job?
  20. Then the answer would be YES, YES, YES.
  21. Does Skye have my respect? Yes, she has always been there, I can sometimes talk to her when I am upset, and she has helped me out a lot.
  22. Am I grounded? No, not yet anyways. By what I know.
  23. Will I tell Skye my username and password for Facebook? ---- NO! But so far she has guessed Pok�mon, pink Pok�mon, and William as my password which are ALL wrong. I will not give up my Facebook information to Skye, this computer, anyone or to anyone else. And that is a promise.
  24. Will I give Kayla My password and username to my Facebook? ---- NO! But Skye is still guessing she has now guessed Aumi (which was close), will, and I love will. All are still wrong. And I am mad that Skye brought Kayla into this.
  25. Am I a ---? No, but I may be a ---- because of all my feelings for and about ---.
  26. Do I still want to live in this house? This question is asked to me every month, and the answer is always No. I can’t handle always being the one that messes up this family and always being the one that can’t pass my parents and God’s expectations. If I leave that mean there is less of a chance that I might kill myself because I am a disgrace to my family.
  27. Did I chop a guy? No
  28. Do I want to chop a guy? ---- NO!
  29. Do I want to graduate high school with a diploma? Yes, I also want to go to college (if possible).
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