Apr 2010
7:54 PM EET

ef.u.cee.kay! no :(

Summer,although has been not that much of� a fun,� it's kind of making me feel chill and worry-free though . I feel like I should enjoy it more than I usually do at ordinary times.When I say ordinary, it's when I've not-so boring moments at home, either just surfing the net, watching tv or I'm fast asleep. Well, it has been all good, yet far from being great when I get to remember my THESIS. It's been so long since I have a thought about it.I haven't been worrying much, not until effing� now! :(
IT really scares me. I have wasted a year,and I don't want to waste another one. Argh! I'm so damn hopless.My future is doomed. I'm gonna be stuck in here, spending so much time to beg for the signatures I need, yet I'm not gonna get them soon enough .If this predicament� lasts until� forever (Which Is kind of� possible) then it's also a way for me to say that, I AM EFFING DEAD!!! I'll be forever be such a bummed person, without anything other than frustrations and broken dreams,looking at my friends to reach the top and be happy for them. And me? or there's no me at all. I'll be like a living dead by then. helplessly Starving for success , jeopardize myself with negative thoughts and just pathetically die!

(In a nutshell, I need to have the thesis signed by some people, pass it! then have my clearance signed by the DEAN of our department--- I need the clearance to start� processing� my credentials(TOR,Diploma,etc etc) which I badly need to apply for a job. Yeah! I NEED. If I fail at the first then I fail at everything, hence domino effect! wtf

ending: Me-a-fucking-loser!

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