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Aug 2007
1:12 PM EDT

ok this is my first time writting something up here..hope im doing alright. :D
so heres the deal.i've been watching "the OC" these days..well i know this is soooo 2003 but i gotta admit that this is totally awesome!!!!! i'm not really that kind of daily drama person but i think im totally addicted to this one..and i found some side effects about watching these stuff...the more you're into it,the more desperation about your own life! oncei turn off the TV after seeing all that luxurious life they led,i was like: gosh im gonna do the dishes again instead of drinking cocktail with my friends in the "holly's pool house" (a house in "the o.c") i wish i could make some friends...hey so that counts for why im here HA! i could meet people around the world and improve my Enlish a little by trowing stuff up here..oh and i didnt tell any of my friends about this so that i could say anything i want up here...doesn't it feels great to say something out loud without hesitating? sometimes you just need a listener that's all.

p.s oh by the way..my english sucks..if it's difficult to read,my bad! :p
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