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Part ONe
On the base at Fort Knox Kentucky UP at five am back to the bus with an all night assignment in the BARRACKS now who pushed my foot against the foot locker wiht foot on top of locker against the bunk who got a chair then tried to asleep but hard to sleep in daytime wearing green fatigues quite camoflauged to crawl in dirt and grass an Army WOrm. At 5 pm on back of truck was handed out an M-16 a weapon with one round. The Sargeant said YOU are Barney Fife. What did you say THAT for who almost cried. ONE ROUND. ONE ROUND. One Round is in your m-16. One round and then it finally dawned who understood him USE it grunt only iff you have too. Pointeing as they drove away it is the Army Way SEE that building ? Walk Around. Who then determined to be Army Green and Mean who walked until almost Eleven oclock then a man got out of an old panel Station Wagon. Who waited until he unlocked the door of the very building he was guarding THEN who came around the Corner of that building FREEZE who cried out just like Barney FIFE. Who took this Major by surprise. WHo told him carefully SHOW ME SOME ID. Surprised He started to argue to do otherwise He said cant you see im a MAJOR in the ARMY? WHo calmly told him the Safety is OFF on this weapon I can FIRE. Is what you are doing worth this ROUND? He paused and reached into his shirt pocket quickly producing a worn out ID card. Thinking they were testing me i told him searching at it quickly it is TWO YEARS OLD this ID card is out of Date and why do you have a Typewriter in that Station Wagon crate. He seemed inpressed and told me it IS his office but he no longer works there and yes the ID is an old one and YES he took the Typewriter BUT he said i still have the KEY to the office. I handed back the card and let him keep the typewriter as well let who now explain. Who decided that WHO was only guarding the building and not the stuff inside. The Major had a key. His story still checked out its something anyone would do on a luckless Friday night. I am running out of room on this google document so there will be part two of this Private Hice Story just let me say now who is glad he did not shoot that Major stealing typewriter out of whos building he was guarding. This is PART ONE of

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