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Mercury Theorem Mercury Theorem According to the Universe of Science according to the Academia of America Mercury can not exist it is too close to the SUN it is too hot on one side too cold upon the other side is dark too long and the day lasts too long on the other one the CORE of the Planet Mercury should just explode long ago according to Medical Science people do not live on the Earth. It is impossible to maintain the correct balance of life inside your glass houses or outside them on the sidewalk no one can actually live on the Earth according to Medical Knowledge. SCIENCE is full of facts these facts when proven do not explain function. Mercury Theorem The Planet Mercury does not exist according to Science. Proff. Eye intend to solid proff. There will be additions there will be facts they will be unfactual they will be from memory they will be for ewe. The Mercury Theorem has been introduced the Millennium has begun we shall now discover that the Planet Mercury does not exist in spatial solitude. Memory test one. Mercury turns slowly about 240 days is one of our 24 hour days. The central core of the planet is made of ice. The reason it never melts is because it cools off on the dark side of the planet then when it gets hot on the day side it is like salt causing it to super cool off like homemade ice cream in the bucket gets hard instead of soft or melts or does not. We will soon see iff the Mayan Calender is incorrected email me in 2012 a few days after January to let me knoe its ok. Go find a copy of Nostradamus. He at least saw things happening in 3027. Memory test two. The mile is about 5000 feet long and there is about 5000 miles between the Earth and the Sun this would mean the entire distance to Mercury from the Earth is about 8000 miles. This leaves about 3000 miles left. Divide the distance. The Sun is closer to Mercury then it is to the other planets combined. Accordingly Mercury will cease to exist when it is destroyed in 2012 by solar flares or ignited by the Comets tail. Haleys Comet is not scheduled but someones comet will aptly be nammed by then close to the Sun drawn into the orbit by them solar flares. One relatively short burst of energy and Mercury is done as limp as a little Richard when done. The ice core of the planet will melt when the solar tongue sucks the planet a little too long it will be gone in a New York Minute or Three is what they promised me but never delivered and black is creamy on the outside pink on the inside like a mudslide slim to none. When the planet burns in the solar flare it will make a hard stone like a left over nut it will go spinning off into the Earth ouch it will hurt when it hits the Earth it might prove Peru to be sure of there facts. Earth will soon be just so many Green Tree wood chips a little sawdust between the stardust. I just checked the predictions the Comet could be a whole group of comets without names just numbers iff there is three sixes in a row among them look out Nostradamus could be right. Earth will die without a fight the last president would not shoot the nearest asteroid with missiles he felt the Aliens would get mad. Besides the three comets numbering 666 would be mixed into the mix only coming to the core like a shot shot shot to a death star. Most of the predictions are for December of 2012 they want people to bite the fingernails all year long then discover they were wrong in 2013 seems unlucky as a number to me. OK send me the email in January of 2013 then wait for my reply. Eye will get back to you eye promise but iff eye dont you will surmise. Memory test three. Eye forget. this is part one. expect a part two to this then perhaps a third Mercury Theorem.
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