Aug 2011
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Texas stranger Texas stranger two blocks from here ici over only two city streets is at least three homosexual bars where the gangsters hang out to play with the lives of the stranger this explains some of the cartoon characters and the reason the police go double armed out here on this street people who live here only walk in the daylight they do not come out after the dark because of the stranger but it does not explain why the homeless are being run off from the downtown churches when eye need a desperate place to stay for this stranger is very nerveous look here look there there is another stranger here ici would you be mhy neighbhor or just another stranger the police are doing a real good job in Texas moving the homeless people off the church steps into the traffic on the freeway do you sense my frustration children and minions my sour grapes nearly cost me my freedom for cussing is not the way to live but it is easy to give vent to strong emotions when aged on the street like the stranger who lives in the cardboard boxes he is homeless the boy who haunts the christian church door to the sanctuary where they enter for the Service Sunday morning go ask him for he is a stranger to them stranger then it seems is the Gangsters in the fancy gas guzzling cars only found in Texas they drove by me those barrel chested arms holding cigarettes of joints refers in those fingers moving down the side street by the freeway those strangers looking for the next hit for the gas looking like a real life ZZTop album come to life what could be stranger then this or what could be stranger than that this is just another stranger in there night UPDATE eye have not slept the entire night where eye wish to sleep the drunk in the bushes the drunk from the club who tried to sleep with me then the drunk with the flashlight in the dumpster all night these strangers have hassled this stranger to the point of my exhaustion at the hands of the Texas stranger
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