Jul 2011
10:23 AM


666 self evident the time clock has been CHANGEd to Central USA the man who did it has the mark of the beast he makes the 64 thousand a year it is a grant money thing because he is somebody he told me the time zone is the twilight zone was in Mcdonalds waiting for my next coffee session will be delayed eye need the 85 p but was only given 54 p for Jacks has a Senior COffee the man in a hurry well aernt you going inn there you better hurry inn there you only got 20 minutes as iff afraid eye might use the money for something else OH PLEASE mister you just told me JACKS is open 24 hours eye might need to be a coffee customer in the middle of my night the man who laughed at me telling me to get a JOB he was quite the cutt upp cardd he got way too much excitement he was limping himmself off the bus what did eye say to himm that was so funn and then the man who opened upp his wallet to help me finding none SORRY all eye got is plastic JESUS oh my god eye was carefull to thank all of them thank you for looking in there anyway so now eye got the 54 p from 85 p is only 31 cents needed for my coffee session MCD is such a nicer place to sit
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