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Saturday, April 23, 2011 EasterNPMPoem23 EasterNPMPoem23 Jesus Saturday EasterNPMPoem23 EasterNPMPoem23 Jesus Saturday EasterNPMPoem23 EasterNPMPoem23 Jesus Saturday by Charles Robert Hice on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 8:32am Jesus Saturday Two things First thing Preacher He quoted the Bible the very part about Jerusalem He did not knoe the numbers for the chapters or the verses But he Preached with much emotion getting worked up over it lying down the Law Oh Jerusalem eye would have gathered your people under my wings like chickens do those eggs. The people need to be gathered up under the steeple like hens chicks. Eye would like to putt you people underneath my wings. Rapper on Easter My pants my pants my Easter pants they falling down they showing my funny bones my pants my pants my Easter pants they splitting my sides they slacking Mon they leaving me for Lent my pants my pants my Easter pants GOODFriday23NPMPoems GOODFriday23NPMPoems Eggs boiled white hard yellow tought. Purple or blue dye only. Where is the Egg Bunny NOW ? lol TGIGF lol Is this the Cross Day ? Why is this GOOD ? Because he died for our sins to set us free of life. There is eye witnesses they seen this HE is putt on there with nails SPIKED onto this HUGE wooden Cross then left to die. He did give up the Ghost for you for eye for us. To live. To accept his sacrifice you only have to Call upon his Name. To Believe in GOD is simple so simple it should startle most of you. To GET Salvation JUST SAY JESUS. Just say the Name of GOD in Christ. It is HIS Immortal Sacrifice which gives us life. Do not confuse yourselves with works which never set you free but tell it thus tell it so tell it to those Mountain tops Jesus loves us. Eye offer you the Key to Salvation in just one Word the Word is JESUS. HE is Salvation. He is still saving even now. He is the Love in us HE is the Ruler of THIS HIS UNIVERSE. Jesus it is Good Friday now. Posted by CHARLAX
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