Apr 2011
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twentyoneNPM twentyoneNPM Lent ASH Wednesday The poor old Man is sitting in the bus stop pew the bus comes zipping off the old Man flys to catch the blanket on his legs he lives to catch them sun rays but too poor to catch the bus the Bus Company sends the policeman not the City cops the Bus Stop Cops not only armed with reason but with radios is all they need to call the Rookies from the City this old Man kept hurting no one he don't look too good to eye they see yet they is blind the old Man is the Jesus they will never have. Six men standing in the pew the smell of whiskey is so strong yet the policeman just ignored them concentrated on the poor Man move along move along you look so hopeless with your blanket on. How do eye convey this helplessness to you my gentile readers *sobbinh* crinh*wiping wet blood from my forehead. Wondering who is on the throne of Justice why the drunks rule this City Properly while the poor only get to suffer in the sun. (oph) ohooooooo. my. god. omg this City really needs to turn around.
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