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20 20 MOneylenders ONe The Viewpoint of Jesus Eye looked around me irate upset even getting angry to what eye see these PEOPLE selling things using my Fathers Temple to fill there pockets up with usury none of it is going into the Treasury. Eye fought within myself then Temporary Insanity wins eye got these cords from off one of the posts near the door knotted them up quickly eye did this into my Whip eye hit the tables nearest to me to the door eye dumped the pieces of the longest one with my Whip eye whipped the table top off the things on it not even sure just what these people were selling just getting OFF whipping it off. Eye got to make them STOP. Why don't they knoe its the Pentecost of Moses. Some were selling bread baked inside the oven leavened. Eye smashed into those crates full of doves setting them free. Then eye went wild turning over the tables of the sellers who were left they fled they went outside where they who do such things belong. It does no good to list the things they sell from drugs to food then clothes even some veils it went to the floor of MY temple today is the Pentecost of Moses. The Sacrifices being sold got driven in my rage they went out to the desert no one knoes who's cattle they be now the GOD of Heavens. They could not touch me eye filled this prophecy my house shall be the house of prayer. Two Jenson the MOneylender This tall bearded person smashed open my Cases of Doves I did expect to get much money the Temple full of poor people doing sacrifice to Gods. The money in the bucket spilled out upon the Temple floor even before this Jesus is finished with his one Man personage destroying every ones work here today inside this temple the Jewish Priests begin picking up the coins. Very Oddly stuffing them inside long pockets keeping most of it making the pretense of gathering it up for the Church coffers. Three The Stranger passing bye i will not be Jewish i desert nomad Himmel from Turkey this Cow almost stepped on me where no Cow is expected to be the commotion is from the Temple. i bowed to Allah then froze when these Doves came quickly almost dive bombing me they flew too quickly then gone. it is this Jesus he is doing this this very wonderful prophet who i come to see is going off whipping the tables in the temple setting the things off onto the floor setting his temple free. it is this Jesus he he he is the person doing this. ed.note.ed Jesus tells us the testimony of two men if they agree becomes proff. This thing is poem fiction yet based on true story. Goodnight. Poor Minions my lucky readers. This is light.
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