Pain not SEEN

Feb 2009
5:26 AM EST

over and over


i feel fine,

comfortable if you will,

you some how make me ill.

over and over i break,

over and over i hate,

over and over,

it's my mistake.

over and over,

It's my fault.

now im looking up,

the sky seems so full of lust.

over and over i am dead,

over and over bright red tears are bled.

over and over im stuck way up high,

over and over i am ready to die.

so now that� it's over my head.

i must turn my self up and in to the lord.

to protect this shattered heart.

keep the broken pieces still beating,

and never ever leave me.

see over and over,

man will hurt,

but over and over GOD proves his work.

over and over,

we shatter and break,

over and over THE GOOD LORD,

is our every� comfort.�

so please don't cry.

wipe those tearfs from said eyes.

and turn your head to the sky,

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