Pain not SEEN

Jun 2008
6:02 AM EST

Part II-- nightmare

I cry,

he hits,

I scream,

he kicks.

my ribs are bruised,

my arm is swollen,

my heart races,

time is frozen.

too many faces.

How can 1 man,

who i look much alike,

hit his daughter,

making her a motherless wife?

Opals && Gold

He knows what he's doing,

but not what I'll do,

somehow I can't find the way threw.

Mama holds me tight,

&& pulls me in close.

she tells me things that no one else knows.

my mind boggles,

he hit her too.

"Momma, what's the way threw?"

"I don't remember, just be quiet and Pray."

"I know that God's coming someday."

Hopefully soon.

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