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Mar 2013
11:09 PM EST

March 17 A dream of two.

My birthday. He (Leo) was there, came thousands kilometers to see me. I hugged him. But he kept becoming old and my love seemed to have disappeared. The day before Quan's mother came to see me, she gave me a gift, she was sorry. Quan came, he was insolant. He stayed in my bedroom checking his e-mails, sleeping; I kicked him out. He came back. He tried to seduced me. there was a room (my bedroom at my dad) full of people snickerig.. And black magic. My cat threaten me to tell people what we supposedly were going to do. Inside, I took a cat and from his power I became invisible. But the cat wanted to leave and because I was holding him very tight his power faded and he fainted. Everyone knew now we were there. Then, I was a white magician. Others were entering, some reminded me of harry potter characters. But black magcians were coming behind and my friends shouted, but they attacked some of us who lost their power and fainted.�
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