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Nov 2007
8:58 PM EDT

Have you ever felt like you were making the same mistake over and over again? Felt no matter what you choose you always chose the wrong option. As soon as your life beings to look up it all falls apart again? This would be how my life is. I am pretty sure that I just made the biggest mistake of my life. I had an amazing boyfriend, named David,that would do anything for me. Me and him just broke up. We broke up because I said I wasn't ready for the relationship. Out of no where I am missing my ex, his name is Brent. I miss him so much and I have no clue why. Brent never was the perfect boyfriend in any of my friends eyes but to me he was. I know he still loves me. Right now I have no clue how I feel. I am still totally shocked that me and David just broke up. I think that I really hurt him. I hate even thinking that I have hurt someone else. Everyone is going to call me crazy for what I did. And right now I will agree.I need to figure out why I was so unhappy with David. I need to kno why I miss Brent so much. Why my life always ends up being so confusing. UGH!!!

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