Mar 2008
9:23 PM EDT

busy busy

Dear Diary

I fought w/ my boyfriend but i missed hima lot that's why ive called him and he andwe went to the beach,holding hands together....then he apologized for all the things that he have done,and we kissed, we was so romantic..then suddenly he grabed me and kissed my nose......then i was so shocked bcoz he put a kiss mark in my nose and i got angry...but after few minutes i was ok....hmmm..that's it...anyway..ill just write it later just busy right now....

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Feb 2008
8:35 AM EDT

Palm Reader and the love ring..

Dear Journal,

Wew...This is my first entry, anyway...I just went to Clinic w/ my bro. bcoz he's suffering from Cold & Flu, Tonsilitis & Back Pain.

There's a lot of things in my mind and there's a lot of things that's going on..Last Night i was at home when an Indian Man came to our house to visit, After few hours he told us that he knows how to read palms,so he read my palm and says "you will marry at the age of 19 and then you will have marriage problem then you will be a plain a house wife". And i was like "Oh my god!..i never want to be a housewife!!"...He even told me that i have a lot of boyfriends and that's more than 2 to 3 guys... And i was so shocked. Anyway, Forget about it...

One more thing...I fought with my boyfriend today because he didnt even call me and because of my anger i will never ever wear that ring that he gave. I will never pick his calls, ill not message him, ill stop meeting him and ill try to forget about him...Maybe it's time to move on, but if he really loves me then he will search for me and He will apologize for all the things that he hv done..I know he will never let me go if he really loves me...If that happens then maybe ill forgive him..

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