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Feb 2009
1:07 PM EDT

Twilight saga

I don't really know what to write. I don't have anything that I want to share or say, yet I'm bored and have nothing else to do. I think I'll just talk about my latest craze.

I went to see the new movie Twilight. I was highly surprised to find that I actually REALLY enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting to like it much at all. I loved the film so much that I started to read the books.

I read Twilight, discovering that it was much longer and better than the movie.

Then I read New moon. I had to control myself. My whole life revolved around these books. I had exams coming up and decided to quit reading (cold turkey). I was two days into my exams, when I caved and read Eclipse. Blame my friend Sam, for buying me the book for my birthday...knowing I couldn't read it!

Then I begged Paula to bring me out to buy Breaking Dawn for me. I've finished the books and am bored out of my brain !

Im still obsessing over Robert Pattinson though. The new upcoming hollywood actor (from England) I could probably tell you everything about him. He's my favourite. Well thats it really. I'd better go do my homework.


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