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Nov 2006
7:45 AM EDT

11/20/06 It's been almost 7 months since I've came back from Mexico. It was a horrible day that was. It all started out that Monday morning. It was about 6:15 A.M. My husband had started to punch me in the head because I didn't woke up to fix my children's breakfast. He had kept me up day and night with only little sleep. So, that is why I felt really sleepy. As the story continues, he kept beating me in the head. Luckly I was still awake. Then, he had acted like nothing had happened to me. He had asked me are you okay. I mean after he had struck me in the head and then he had the nerve to ask me that. Anyways, he then had struck me again but this time it was a maglite flashlight. He had tried to break my kneecap. Then I had told him to stop but all he said was to shut-up. Then he had taken the flashlight and struck me on top of my head with it. I had started to cry and held my hands over my head. I could felt the blood inside my head rushing in the back of my neck. Then he had tied me up and took me into his truck. Then he had taken me to this tire shop. Somehow I had escaped and went next door to another tire shop. But when I got there the people where trying to kick me out and then I didn't know that those people where his friends. So, I became crazy and started to scream. My husband was forcing me to get back into the truck but luckly for me there was a woman who had been watching the whole time. She had helped me call the police and had him taken away. I too was in another police car. They had taken me to Ensenada. I had stayed in the police station for nearly 12 hours with no food or anything to drink. There I had made my police report. Then they had taken me back to where I live. I had taken four police cars to get back to where I live. Then I had ended up staying at my neighbors house where she had called a friend of hers. And this friend had taken me to her house where she had paid my ticket to go back to the United States. Without her I would of been dead. When I got to the border I only had seven dollars on me. So, there was this kind taxi driver who had transfer to another taxi driver. From San Diego the driver had taken me back to Long Beach and my first meal back was Mcdonals. I thought that it was the best meal of my life from starvation from my husband. When I came to Long Beach I had made a police report and was taken to the hospital that night. I had suffered a bruised ligaments to my nose and my knee. But I had suffered the most was my memory. I had suffred a concussion from the blow to the head with the flashlight. I had to go to lots of therapy to regain my memory. As of today I am a survior of domestic violence. Without all those good samaritains I would not be here today tell you this true story of my life. Thanks for all the support, Sweetcakes1000
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