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Aug 2008
6:06 AM CDT

Leaving my texan

My finest moment was when I finally listened to the voice of God and walked away from a bad relationship. All the time I was packing and getting ready to move from VA to TX, I kept hearing "Why are you settling for 2nd best?" and I would start giving a list. He flew to VA, loaded my stuff on a U-Haul and away to TX I went. 2 months later, I was bored and decided to go swimming. After about 10 min, I was alone in the pool. I audibly heard "Why are you settling for 2nd best when I want to give you My very best?" The only answer I could give was "I don't know." God and I had a good long talk in the pool, then I went back to our apt. and gave him back his ring. Soon after, I moved out. Now I am in a wonderful relationship with a terrific man that God chose for me.
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